How To Market Your Small Business On Twitter

The right way to market on twitter is not by repeatedly posting links that promote your business. You’ll hardly get results that way. That’s like going to a friends’ party and directing the discussion to your business and what you are selling every single time you open your mouth to speak. You are bound to annoy, offend and put off a lot of people. That’s exactly what you will achieve on twitter when you spam people with your promotions. 

Always remember the golden marketing rule online which is the fact that people hate to be advertised to and will often go to great lengths to avoid ads. The right approach to successful marketing on twitter is seduction. That means making small talk and attracting interest and certainly not revealing your real intentions too early.

You will attract interest with tweets that add value and give out plenty of useful information for free. Here it is useful to understand human nature and what really interests people. For instance people tend to be very fascinated by problems. If you zero in on information that touches on their most pressing problems of the moment then you will have captured their attention completely.

Ideally this information should be linked to the kind of business you are involved in and want to promote but initially avoid mentioning it or even trying to promote it directly. What you must focus on first is building the right image. The right image will make you desirable to your target audience long before you make your move. In fact if you play your guards right your prospects are the ones who will ask you first for your recommendations.

What about those people who want to cut to the chase and get your product right away? They should be able to get all the information they need in your profile. Your twitter profile is the only place where you can mention your business and what you do without running into any danger of offending and putting off the very prospects you want to attract. It is therefore important for you to spend a lot of time working on your profile. Saying you are the best and people should buy from you will not be as effective as you giving the reasons why your offering is unique and how it will help solve your prospects’ problems.


Twitter is an extremely powerful tool and by taking the right approach in promoting your small business on this popular social network you can end up with some amazingly delightful results.

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