Top Earning Affiliate Secrets To Make You Money From Blogging

Blogging for dollars is not as difficult as most folks believe it is. Like everything else in this life all you need to do is find proven techniques that have worked for others and then apply them to your situation.
Actually a blog is an extremely powerful affiliate marketing tool that can make any affiliate some very serious cash. Here’s how.

Find the pain

Before you launch your moneymaking blog do identify the most pressing problems that your affiliate product will solve. List them starting with the most nagging and painful.
You can then focus your blog content on discussing these problems and offering really useful advise that will help your prospects solve their problems, other than the product itself. What you are doing here is flagging your hottest prospects for your affiliate product and putting them on an email list that you can market your products to again and again.
Naturally this will take a lot of hard work including plenty of research to get this right but at the end of the day it will be more than worth your while.

Build a list

There must be a pretty good reason why all the top affiliates in the world are always building huge lists of prospects. That reason is that it works and efficiently delivers sales. Affiliate super stars do not waste their time nor damage their credibility online by advertising their products directly on their blogs. Instead they offer interesting content and harvest email addresses using their informative blogs. Think about it for a minute. You work so hard to get traffic to your blog only for your visitors turn up once and then disappear forever. However by getting their email addresses you have an opportunity to build a relationship and communicate regularly with them again and again until they are ready to buy. Research has always shown that folks are highly unlikely to buy anything from somebody they are not familiar with. So get familiar to your prospects first.
The way to build your email list is to offer even more valuable content than what is in your blog and then make it available only via email to subscribers.

How to grow traffic

The harsh reality is that only a fraction of the visitors to your blog will surrender their email addresses and sign up for your free email newsletter. And yet you will need a sizeable number of subscribers to make your blog affiliate marketing work. Actually the more names you get on your email list the more money you will end up making. It is therefore extremely important that you build as much traffic as possible to your blog and that you do it as quickly as possible.
The top two most effective ways of rapidly building up traffic to your site are;

• Use relevant high traffic keywords to get traffic directly from leading search engines.

• Use social media to direct traffic to useful articles on your blog.

High traffic keyword phrases

There are numerous tools for keyword research available online and some of them are even free. Find the keywords and phrases that your potential affiliate product customers use to search for the valuable information you are churning out on your blog. These are the keywords you will then use in the titles of your articles and also in the body, usually in the beginning and at the end.

Use the social media goldmine

Popular social media sites like Facebook can help you attract lots of hits to your blog even as you wait for your keyword marketing to kick in and get you search traffic. You will need to generate captivating content for your status updates based on the articles on your blog and then link back to them.


Blogging can easily be used by any affiliate to lift them from ordinary low earners to top earning super stars. All you need to do is master the techniques used by the vast majority of the most successful affiliate marketing gurus.


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