A Man Who Made A Million Canadian Dollars Online In One Month: How He Did It And how you can copy

If you look at the image above carefully, you will quickly realize that it is NOT photoshop at work. This is real. Somebody received a cheque of almost one million Canadian dollars for ONE MONTH'S WORK ONLINE.

This cheque was posted online in February 2006 and it is for almost a million Canadian dollars. It belongs to  Markus Frind who founded a site called PlentyOfFish.com which is a free online dating site.

After you finish verifying that this is real , including doing your own online research on Google to find out if it really happen, I will give you a few pointers on how this remarkable feat was accomplished. Naturally you can copy these ideas;

1. Look for a valuable service that people are currently buying and then offer it FREE.

When the site that made almost a million Canadian dollars in one month launched, all leading online dating services were charging a fee. Plenty of fish decided to offer their online dating services for free. The result was that their traffic exploded.

2. The site was marketed aggressively using mostly FREE traffic generation methods.

There are no two ways about it. If you want to make serious money online you will have to do some very aggressive promotion. Some of the very effective ways of generating traffic to your site are FREE and it will only cost you only your time. I reveal these super effective FREE promotional methods in my eBook How To Make Money Online Fast.

3. Income exploded because they chose an excellent way to earn money from the high traffic

It is terribly important to decide early on what service or affiliate programme you will use to maximize on revenue from the traffic that visits your site. The Google Adsense programme has many advantages but at the top of the list must be the fact that the ads served will always be as relevant as possible to the subject matter on the page. What this means is that a vast majority of the folks who land on the site will have their interest piqued by the ads displayed. That means that they will tend to click on your Adsense ads in large numbers. You will get earn every time somebody clicks on the ads on your website or blog.

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