I Make Enough Money Online In Kenya To Support My Family

Chris who is the writer of How To Make Money Online Fast has asked me to write something about my experiences online.

We have agreed that I will be totally honest so here goes.

I picked up this idea from the earlier version of Chris' book which was sold for 100 bob by news vendors in Nairobi about 4 years ago. It was a little difficult for me at the beginning because I had very limited computer skills at the time. Smart phones were not widespread in those days because I believe they have helped people get more comfortable with computers.

The first site recommended in the book helped me start earning money right away. $2 on my first day. This amount rapidly grew as did my excitement in the days that followed. The other sites needed more work and patience. I was grateful for the door that the book opened because at that time I was in a very bad situation financially, and I had a wife and two little ones.

These days I am earning between 80k and 100k a month. That is why I would really like to know how this lady rakes in 300K. I am not doubting because I know it is possible. I am just curious and eager to discover new tricks to increase my income even more.

Anyway my online income has done a lot for me and I am very grateful. My advise is that you will only succeed if you are hardworking and usually don't give up easily.

Mwomboi N. (Nairobi). 

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