That Vacation You Do Not Have Time For Can Save Your Life

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Chances are that every time the idea of a vacation pops up you have plenty of excuses as to why you cannot go. Perhaps you do not even remember the last time you got away from your daily slog.

Actually, taking a holiday is not a trivial thing that you can keep putting off indefinitely. Not taking a vacation not only endangers your health but you also put yourself at risk for early death. Various studies including one on coronary heart disease risk factors have put this fact beyond any doubt.

In fact for those who think that taking a vacation is a waste of money the opposite is true. Time away is ideal preventive medicine that will save you health care dollars on numerous stress related diseases. Other studies have shown that taking time out re-energizes and boosts performance which means making more money rather than losing it in what some see as a frivolous activity.

So… How Do You Find The Time To Get Away?
The advise to business owners is to schedule vacations well in advance preferably at the start of the fiscal year. This is the time to figure out what time of the year will be best for you to get away with minimal worries that something may go wrong while you are relaxing somewhere.

Block out the vacation week on your calendar and take it as seriously as any other business event you have scheduled for the year. Experts advise blocking out your vacation with a bright, cheerful color which is a psychological ruse that works magic.

Do Your Vacation Work Early
Preparation is quite often 90 per cent of the job or task at hand. This mindset will be a great help in preparing for your great getaway. Rather than a mad hectic rush in the last week before you leave, spread it over several months. For instance you can block out say half an hour every two weeks to focus on work or stuff that will make it easier for you to be away. You should use the same bright color on your calendar that you have used to block out your vacation.

Start Dealing With Your Delegation Concerns Now
Issues of trust and delegation are the major reasons why many business owners will not take that vacation. They just cannot trust other people with key activities of the business. This is in fact easier to overcome than most people think. All you need to do is to start delegating small tasks right away. You can then build up to more important jobs so that by the time your vacation arrives it will hardly be a concern for you.

Don’t Forget To Prepare Your Customers
A month or two before you are due for your holiday start informing your customers. You can even send an email, letter or card to your best customers. Be sure to let them know whom they can contact in your absence.

There is nothing that can dampen your mood more than an anxious call from a customer when you are supposed to be relaxing and not thinking about your business.

Feeling Anxious Is Okay
If after all the careful plans you still worry occasionally during your vacation, do not panic. It is natural to feel uneasy at some point but do not allow the thoughts to weigh you down and interfere with your time away. Just remember that things could still have gone wrong even if you were there in the first place.

It is also not a bad idea to think a little about work while you are vacationing. This is actually the best time to come up with great ideas that will help improve your business.

The Alternative: Burn Out
The alternative to ignoring any idea of a vacation is burn out. Being burned out happens when your job is your main and only focus. Signs include emotional, physical and mental exhaustion, shame and doubt setting in over your abilities, cynicism and finally; failure, helplessness and a serious crisis.

The last stage of burn out can be particularly devastating. Little things that never used to bother you become an irritating nightmare and your psychological defenses come down leaving you an irrational mess.

You really do need that vacation, even if it is just a long weekend away.


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