How To Make Money Online Fast... while still in Kenya

Maybe you have already heard of those lucky Kenyans mostly living in Nairobi suburbs like Kahawa Sukari and Buruburu who are making serious cash on their computers from the comfort of their homes. 

Well, even if you are yet to meet one of these lucky characters it does not change the fact that they DO exist and their numbers are growing by the day. One humble lady I personally know very well is raking in an average of Kshs 300,000 a month!! There are many others averaging Kshs 50,000 a month comfortably.

Not only can it be done, but the truth is that it is already being done. This amazing book printed 5,000 copies which were distributed in vendors on Nairobi streets and they all sold out in a few months!!

Now Christopher Kyalo a Kenyan man who has himself made money online for over 15 years has updated this gem of a book. It will help anybody not only to get started but to rise to the level of making a living on the web. Your hard work and persistent can take you to the next level and those magical six figure incomes you may be dreaming about without you ever needing any more information than what is already in this eBook.

Sample just some of the hot topics covered;

* Different tried and tested ways to make money online.

* Websites that payout cash weekly, as much as $100 dollars for 2 hours work.

* How to identify skills that you already have and then turn them into cash on the Internet.

* How to avoid scams and hype experts on the web who just want to make money from you and leave you holding only empty promises.

* How to get started even if you have little or no experience on the web. 

* How to get cheap bundles and even FREE bundles in Kenya as you start building your income on the web.

* How to start making money right away, in US dollars... 40 minutes after you have finished reading this chapter.


You would think that such a valuable eBook capable of enabling to earn a serious living would be quite justifiably expensive. But you would be wrong.

Try and guess the price...

Kshs 1000??  NOOOOO!!!

Okay, maybe it is really being sold at a cheap throw-away price of Kshs 500??? NOPE!!!

You mean the price can be lower than that!!! Perhaps Kshs 299/- That would be pretty fare for most people..right??? WRONG AGAIN!!!

Actually the eBook can be in your hands in the next few minutes and all you would need to do would be to Mpesa less than Kshs 100!!

That's right. This amazing book can be yours for ONLY Kshs 99/- 

Imagine you will not even incurr any Mpesa transaction fees for sending that kind of money in this transaction that is guaranteed to change your life. You will receive the eBook in your email in PDF format which is easy to print and read like a book or even read on your phone every spare time you get (if you are usually very busy).

Ordering is very simple. Just send an SMS message to 0727-217920 with your name (the same name registered to Mpesa) and include your email address (where we will send your eBook). Do not forget the title of the eBook "Make money online". And then Mpesa ONLY Kshs 99/- to the same number and I will send this valuable eBook to you right away.

Do not postpone your efforts to make money online for another second write that SMS with your NAME and email and the title of the eBook "Make money online" to 0727-217920 and then Mpesa Kshs 99/- to 0727-217920

Do it NOW!!

Here is what one of the Kenyans who has read an earlier edition of the book has to say about this life-changing eBook; 

Chris who is the writer of How To Make Money Online Fast has asked me to write something about my experiences online.

We have agreed that I will be totally honest so here goes.

I picked up this idea from the earlier version of Chris' book which was sold for 100 bob by news vendors in Nairobi about 4 years ago. It was a little difficult for me at the beginning because I had very limited computer skills at the time. Smart phones were not widespread in those days because I believe they have helped people get more comfortable with computers.

The first site recommended in the book helped me start earning money right away. $2 on my first day. This amount rapidly grew as did my excitement in the days that followed. The other sites needed more work and patience. I was grateful for the door that the book opened because at that time I was in a very bad situation financially, and I had a wife and two little ones.

These days I am earning between 80k and 100k a month. That is why I would really like to know how this lady rakes in 300K. I am not doubting because I know it is possible. I am just curious and eager to discover new tricks to increase my income even more.

Anyway my online income has done a lot for me and I am very grateful. My advise is that you will only succeed if you are hardworking and usually don't give up easily.

Mwomboi N. (Nairobi).

Get the eBook now and have your own success story to tell next week. Write that SMS with your NAME and email and the title of the eBook "Make money online" to 0727-217920 and then Mpesa Kshs 99/- to 0727-217920  NOW!!


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