Croatia Family Budget Holiday Of A Lifetime

Croatia is the kind of holiday destination that will take the breath away from all family members no matter how demanding and cynical they are. And the wonderful news doesn’t stop there because it is possible to have an unforgettable and yet very affordable low cost family holiday at this wonderful Mediterranean destination that everybody seems to be talking about these days. 

The crystal clear waters, amazing scenic coastline, and unforgettable blue vistas are all packaged in the more than a thousand islands. The vast unspoiled coastlines are a sharp contrast to most other crowded and over-built European destinations. The many medieval towns dotting the coastline add to the mystique and sheer beauty.

For older members of the family a camera will come in handy visiting the countless historical sites like Split built within the remains of the vast Roman palace of old or Dubrovnik and its’ ancient alleyways. Actually the whole Adriatic coast was once a Roman playground and many spectacular monuments can be viewed here. For instance there are no less than six amphitheatres, the only ones still standing in the entire whole world, which can be toured. The amphitheatre in Pula is a must see. Little wonder that Croatia is often dubbed the Mediterranean as it once was. All this is bound to be a lot of fun without having to worry too much about your family budget.

Beaches in Croatia are mostly fine pebbles or shingles instead of the usual sand and this is an activity that can be enjoyed by virtually all members of the family. Some of the best beaches can be found around Makarska. The island of Brac is also famous for its’ Zlatni Rat beach.

But by far the best way to see Croatia is by sailing and you can easily charter a yacht for this and fully take in the beauty and splendor of the islands and attractive fishing villages. 

Party animals will not feel out of place either. There is the island of Hvar which is reputed to be amongst the best party zones in the country. T serves both the high spenders and ordinary folks as well so one does not necessarily need to have a lot of money to enjoy their time here. You may even brush shoulders with some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities in some of the clubs and there must be a good reason why so many of them choose this destination to unwind.

If you would prefer a more modern and conventional night life then Makarska night clubs should be perfect. Here you will find delightful beach cocktail bars and many other bars. The place is also packed with great restaurants and so it can also be a great place for the entire family.

Then there is the fresh sea food that can be sampled and enjoyed here as well as along most of Croatian coastline. It is recommended that you wash down all the exotic cuisine with the quality Croatian wines that are world famous. The pleasant surprise will be the prices of the wines which are surprisingly low considering the quality.


Croatia is a unique land of contrasts because apart from the beaches, history and everything else most will be surprised to realize that the countryside in Croatia with rolling hills and breath-taking mountain scenery, waterfalls and lakes are some of the highlights of a holiday to Croatia that many take away with them.

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