How To Approach A Woman And Take Her Home

Men who get it and understand the right approach do it with ease all the time and will attract virtually any woman they are interested in. Fortunately what that simply means is that when you finally get it you too will be able to approach any woman (especially those who seem to be way out of your reach) and take her home.

It is much simpler than you think. All you need to do is to master the “inner” game and the “outer” game. The inner game is all about you and the confidence you are able to generate in yourself. Remember that it always shows and has a huge impact on your results with the ladies. The outer game is about knowing exactly what to say and do when you are around women.

You can master both very quickly right here;

Stop being nice

One major problem most folks have is that they just can’t get over that sissy stuff of being nice to a lady. How can a woman even begin to like you when you are NOT being nice to her, they wonder? It just doesn’t make sense.

Well the truth is that it just doesn’t work.

Being the perfect gentleman is boring and a big turn off to women. Being cocky and fun is a big turn on. It is as simple as that and it works every time. So decide what you want for yourself Mr nice guy. The just-friends-boring guy or the man who really excites women.

From the bar or party straight to the bedroom

You are cocky. You tease and are funny and are really hitting it off with this girl that you have just met. Your objective is to take her home to your bed right away. Here is a powerful technique that works like magic.

Do not focus on the bedroom. If you do and ask her to go home with you right away chances are that you are going to meet with some major resistance.

Instead focus on taking tiny little steps at a time all leading in the direction you want to go. Just make sure you are constantly talking things to the next step and then the next. For instance when you have met and hit it off with a woman quickly move to the next step and treat her like you are already out on a date. Then lead her to another part of the club or bar (next step). Remember that when you physically lead a woman somewhere else other than where you are it is a very powerful thing that will always help your cause.

The key here is that the woman should always feel that things are developing naturally and she is not being rushed or forced into anything. The right way to make this happen is to move forward a step at a time. After leading her to the dance floor or other part of the bar you can suggest that there is this other place you are going to for a drink and if she would like to join you. That will be yet another step leading closer and seamlessly to the bedroom.

Getting out of the just-friends rut

Many men often find themselves in that situation where they like this girl and are eager to move her from the “just-friends” category into something much more serious. Or to take the relationship to the next level.

Sadly they do all the wrong things. They pester the lady with calls and emails and act like the perfect gentlemen. That is precisely how to remain good friends and nothing else for life because if you behave in this way it is highly unlikely that the woman will feel any attraction for you.

Instead the right approach is to NOT call or communicate with her for a couple of days. Then suddenly call her and invite her to hang out with you. Do not look at her too much or cling to her. Instead lean back a lot, tease her and generally tell her that she has completely blown her chances with you. The idea here is to reverse the roles and get her to do the chasing.

Understandably the big problem with most men is that we want what we can’t seem to have. And so the temptation will be to cling to her and try everything you can think of to move things forward. STOP!! Relax and move on to other women. This is the right approach rather than coming across as being too desperate and needy to any woman. It just isn’t attractive at all. Always remember that it is a huge turn off and you will never attract them that way.

Women are most attracted to players

Many men just can’t get themselves to believe the fact that because a woman knows you date many other women chances are pretty high she will get very attracted to you. Most men are sure women hate and avoid such men. NOT true. Women tend to get very attracted to players.

It certainly doesn’t seem to make much sense but you will always be a lot more attractive to women when it is clear that a lot of other women want you. Again we are back to that very basic principle of Mr nice guy always being a huge turn off to women.

Change your online profile and see what happens

Try changing your online profile at the dating service you use. Make it short and funny and see what happens.

The very same techniques also work online where how you come across to women is very important. Needy, serious, desperate men will never turn on women. Funny, cocky and seemingly hard to get will always score again and again.

When a woman tells you I like you so much I don’t want to lose you as a friend…

If you ever get told this by a woman or any of the other numerous variations then it can only mean one thing. That the good lady does NOT feel any attraction to you and is unlikely to ever do so. It means that you are insistent on doing all the wrong things that make sense to you but turns off women. Being the perfect gentleman and a Mr nice guy.

The end result is that you have come across as some needy desperate guy whom women will want to avoid.

Unless you start doing the things which don’t make sense but spark chemistry this is the kind of relationship that will go nowhere.


The principles and techniques here are universal and will work anywhere because they address human nature. They will always help you approach women, meet and date them so that you end up with more women in your life than you will ever have time for.

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