Men Who Pick Women At Will Use These Techniques

Have you ever envied those men who seem to effortlessly pick up women at will? Chances are that it has always remained a puzzle to you how they pull it off because in most instances they will tend to look pretty ordinary. 

The great news is that it actually isn’t that difficult if you know what to do.

Understand Women

You have heard it said that women are different. But different in what way exactly? And how can you use this information to pick up hot sexy women when the opportunity presents itself?

The first key factor you must always acknowledge is that women are emotional creatures. The best way to get them to do what you want is to play on their emotions and direct it accordingly to what you want them to do.

Women Hardly Sleep With Gentlemen

Whatever you do never show a woman that you are desperate for her attention. It is always a big turn off for her and will hardly get you anywhere. Now I know this sounds contradictory to what you have probably heard said many times even by women. Stuff such as they like gentlemen or they just love men who treat them like ladies. Trust me if you fall for this big lie you are likely to end up with many women friends but all of them will say you are nice and would like to keep as a friend and nothing more. It is very unlikely that they will develop the kind of feelings that will spur them to want to move that kind of relationship to the next level.

You Need To Be Cocky And Funny

The most powerful tool you can use to pick up women is humor. You need to make her laugh a lot while giving her the impression that you are no easy lay. That is the powerful combination that will get you success every time. Make fun of the people around you and if you are not confident enough about your humor use the web to read up jokes in social situations that you can use. Also be cocky and seemingly unavailable for any kind of crazy ideas she may have. The more unavailable you are, the more women will want you. In fact if you are something they think they cannot have women will go to great lengths to get you.

This great trick is used frequently by most renowned pick up artists to change the ground rules so that the hunter becomes the hunted. This may sound pretty difficult to pull off but it is actually easier than you think. One way of doing this is to bluntly tell her that you don’t want to sleep with her. This breaks the defensive barrier every woman puts up when she thinks somebody is hitting on her. This reverse psychology technique will then get her asking questions like why doesn’t he desire me? Am I not attractive enough for him? When you get a woman into this kind of mode it is virtually a done deal.

Take Several Tiny Steps In The Direction Of Your Destination

You will find yourself in many situations where the woman you are interested in has a conflict going on inside her. Girls just thrive on conflict. Her body will urgently be telling her that she wants to go through with this while her mind will be warning her not to be a slut. In some instances you will have made all the right moves but end up disappointed since you did not recognize this and so you failed to take the appropriate steps.

What you need to do is to take several tiny harmless steps in the direction of your destination. Rather than tell her straight up that you should head to your place, break it up into smaller decisions that she can make more easily. You could suggest that you move to another table (perhaps less noisy). You can then follow this up after a little while suggesting that you move to another joint for more drinks. When you have gotten her consent to a few suggestions it will be much easier to get her consent on a bigger decision, like night cups at your place. You get the gist?

Women Are Also Visual When They Get Interested

Everybody knows that men are visual creatures (show them a little flesh and they are hooked) while women are NOT. Actually this is not quite true. Once you get her thinking in the direction you want, she will respond to the right visual stimulation. For instance your crotch pressing against your tight jeans. Or you stretching and exposing your flat belly apparently accidentally. This is yet another great reason to stay physically fit and looking great.

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