8 Secrets To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Is it really possible to save a lot of money on your auto insurance and still get complete coverage? Actually it is ad apart from you paying much less you will also be fully covered against any eventuality or calamity that may befall you in these uncertain times we live in. What you need to arm yourself with are a few car insurance money-saving secrets. Admittedly every case is unique but these tips can be applied by virtually anybody irrespective of the kind of coverage they are going for.

1. Beware of optional coverage

Most people are quick to take up optional coverage without taking the time to fully understand the implications. In a vast majority of cases dropping this coverage can help you save money.

2. Cautious driving will always save you money

Always remember that an accident can cost you well beyond the car crash. In most cases if it is found that you were at fault it will force the insurance company to increase your monthly premium rate. Avoid this by driving carefully at all times.

3. Stick to one insurer

The World Wide Web makes it so easy to shop around for the best rate. The temptation is to end up dealing with a handful of insurance companies. This is a mistake because going with one single company once you have made up your mind will make you eligible for discounts.

4. Alarms and discounts

Why pay so much attention to alarms and anti-theft devices when you already have a good insurance coverage on your car? Well the truth is that you can save yourself money on the monthly premium rate and the amounts saved are more than a good enough reason to secure your automobile with the best devices you can find that have been recommended by insurers.

5. Bulk payments

Bulk payments in many cases for virtually any product across the board will save you money and auto insurance is no exception to this sensible money saving tip.

6. Cut down on your trips

Do you really need to use your car, is a question that you need to ask frequently. There are numerous instances where it makes so much sense to use public transport instead and this will help reduce your auto insurance bill because you can ask for a discount when you are able to maintain low mileage.

7. Don’t wait for the expiry date

When you allow your car insurance to expire chances are that the insurance company will be forced to increase your premium prices. Organize a reminder so that you are able to renew in good time and before expiration and you will be able to keep your insurance cost down.

8. Did you bother to ask about discounts?

Should be pretty obvious to a any prudent shopper but for some reason so many folks don’t think asking for a discount applies to car insurance. Actually it does.


Do make the effort to combine these 8 secrets the next time you need to renew or purchase auto insurance and chances are that you will be amazed at the amount of cash you ultimately be able to save while getting the same coverage or even better than what you have had in the past.

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