How To Seduce A Woman By Making Her Jealous

So there is this woman you'd love to get horizontal with. You've been thinking about it for a very long time... and I mean a very long time. But the opportunity has never really presented itself. Finally one day out of the blue all the chips suddenly and unexpectedly fall into place and fate thrusts you into this social setting... and she's there. But there's a problem. You're lost for words. After all this time you finally have her within reach and you're so nervous your mind just goes blank and you don't know what to do.

Actually what you need is a killer strategy that will not fail you. Ooops don't even have a strategy let alone a killer one?

Well, you're in luck here is one that hardly ever fails and it's called getting her jealous. Yep, that's the kind of strategy that is guaranteed to get through that cool exterior provoking the animal in her. If you play your cards right you'll have her all over you before the evening ends and finally you'll end up exactly where you want to end up... with her.

It is difficult to find a more potent emotion in any woman than jealousy. Jealousy is amazingly powerful and if you trigger it correctly in a girl you want, you will guarantee her keen interest and intense desire for you. Without going into the mechanics of why jealousy disorientates women so much, just knowing that this is the way girls are wired is you in the driver's seat. Heck it is you holding such a powerful seduction weapon in your hands that any woman you fancy is literally at your mercy.
In a nutshell the whole idea is to cause her to be jealous enough to start feeling covetous toward you. When this happens her emotions are guaranteed to spill all over the place. And more importantly in her mind she will translate all these turmoil of emotions and feelings to mean only one thing--deep longing and love for you. Simple but you can bet that it works every time.

Flirt Beyond The Limits BUT Don’t Tell Her You Like Her

While it is true that any woman can quickly tell if you like her, the truth is that she will never be quite sure until you actually tell her. But telling her is the wrong play because the minute you open your mouth to profess your love you will lose your power and chances are that she will also lose interest in you shortly after that, if not right away. Theoretically there are many who would argue against this but I would like to challenge you to try it practically. 

What you must do is keep flirting with her but never tell her your true feelings which will always keep, if not increase, your power over her. This is what you always need for effective seduction. 

Turn And Flirt Elsewhere

Flirt to the point where she starts feeling uncomfortable. Sure signs that you are reaching her and she is getting uncomfortable include blushing, giggling or fidgeting. When this starts to happen suddenly look elsewhere. Start talking to somebody else and for a moment behave as if the object of your desire does not exist.

What will happen next is that she will realize that although you seem to have something for her she clearly does NOT have your undivided attention. If done right she will then do everything to try and keep your attention focused on only her. You can bet that she will be seething with jealousy as she does this.

It is even better if the second girl has already seen you flirting with the first because the jealousy will work both ways which guarantees you success in case one of them reaches their limit and storms off. Highly unlikely though.

Any man who has even an inkling of an idea of what women are all about will tell you that they are extremely competitive by nature, especially where men are concerned. It doesn't matter how smart or educated they are, they will always react in the same way. It is a basic human instinct that is difficult for them to resist or escape.

Return And Increase Sexual Tension

After you've flirted with the other girl for a while go back to her but do not give her all your attention immediately. Occasionally keep glancing across the room at the second girl, wave and make faces and generally try to have a conversation going across the room.

In the brief moments that you turn your attention back to the first woman try and build sexual tension between the two of you. There are several ways to do this.

For instance you can use what is known as the triangle gaze. Look at her from one eye to another and then look at her mouth. This implies you are thinking of kissing her and she will get the message instantly. But don’t kiss her yet. Instead change the subject and start talking about the weather or something.

By all means do not avoid lengthy silences between you. Awkward silence can also be pretty effective in building sexual tension.
Done right, as the sexual tension between the two of you mounts, you will literally have her eating out of your hand and she will start to have very strong emotions towards you.


But there is a disclaimer here. This may not be the kind of technique that can be practised by a man who is not totally confident with the girls. Not to mention the fact that it requires nerves of steel because most folks will be terrified that the girl they are interested in will get angry and storm of. This is indeed a possibility, albeit a very remote one. However if you can pull it off, this is a trick that is very effective and will always work like a charm.

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