Why Responsive Web Design Is So Important

There is so much talk these days about responsive web design and its’ importance. What exactly is responsive web design? The whole idea is to design a site that focuses on the customer experience. It should be accessible and easily read and navigated across all mobile devices as well as desktops.

Why is it important?

Today many people take the World Wide Web for granted. However the truth is that never before in the history of the human race has there been so much opportunity for a small business or entrepreneur based anywhere in the world to quickly take off and make serious money with minimal or no investment. All you need to do is establish a website and target your audience and in a very short time you could easily be earning a six figure income.

And you do not even need to have your own products or services. We now have multitudes of affiliate marketing stars who enjoy a huge income working from the comfort of their homes or travelling to exotic holiday destinations even as their income continues to pour in. They do not have the traditional headaches of an entrepreneur of worrying about inventory, staff and hundreds of other small details. Instead they simply drive traffic to an affiliate site and sit back as somebody else worries about sales, shipment and repeat orders. In many instances they will earn a hefty share of the income that results that could be as much as 50 per cent or more.

Still all these opportunities will hardly work for a website that has no responsive web design (RWD). Today those who access the web via mobile devices are more than those who use desktops and the number is growing. If the link on your website is so small on a mobile device with a touch screen then it means that visitors to your site will find it impossible to touch it without touching other links in the close vicinity then you will have lost out big time.

Is Responsive Web Design Too Expensive?

Admittedly web entrepreneurs will have to make a big effort and spend money to get responsive web design. Chances are that they will be charged a handsome fee to ensure that all their sites are updated so that they are user friendly across all devices. It is also possible for somebody to do most of the work on their own by simply accessing and reading up on all the technical information required for transforming a website into a highly responsive design. 

Still the bottom line is that you will need to spend time and take the trouble to make it happen. BUT whatever you do and no matter how much it costs you can be sure that it will be the kind of investment that will pay back many times over.

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