Subtle Animal Instinct Signs That A Woman Wants To Have Sex With You

While men are rather obvious and easy to read when it comes to figuring out their intentions, women are the extreme opposite. It is not unusual for her to make some curt hostile remarks when she is actually burning with desire for you inside her. Or they might look excessively bored when their heart is beating violently against their rib cage and is obviously very interested in you.

This is one of the reasons why most men fail with women. They pay too much attention to what she is saying while totally ignoring her body language which never lies and ALWAYS tells it as it is.

It is therefore extremely useful to be able to read the body language of a woman and recognize the subtle, sometimes animal instinct, signs that are usually screaming out to you. Remember that NOT all women are exactly the same and some of the signs will be different in different women.

Leans Towards You

If she leans a lot in your direction and sometimes even touches your arm gently or looks for the least excuse to touch you then you know she likes you and probably desires you as well.
Licking Her Lips

There are girls who like to lick their lips. But then if you are very observant you should be able to tell from the way she licks her lips if it is a sign or just an inborn habit. It will often be slower and more subtle, usually totally unconscious on her part.

Caressing her glass

If you find yourself talking to a woman who is caressing her glass in circular motion around the rim you can almost be certain that she is thinking about sex. I have seen this fascinating involuntary action many times and I have never been wrong as to what it meant. Although there are bound to be exceptions of course. Don’t get careless and confront her about what she is doing and what it might mean. That will spoil everything in most cases. Instead act on the information you have received and gently take the encounter to the next level.
She’s Touching Her Hair A Lot

Some girls touch their hair a lot when they are nervous and so when this happens in a social setting to a girl you are talking to chances are that she is flustered by your presence and more so the desires it is provoking in her body.
Shaking One Of Her Legs

Very animal instinct behavior this one and with a very clear message; she is turned on.

She’s laughing A Lot

I am not sure about the psychological reason why girls laugh a lot around men they are attracted to. But it happens a lot. And so if she’s laughing uncontrollably even when you haven’t said anything particularly funny then you should know that it means she has the hots for you.

Leading Questions She Asks

Men are generally very slow in catching hints from the fairer sex. At least that’s the view held by a vast majority of women. And as a result many good ladies are accustomed to using leading questions to try and catch the attention of a man. And many times the men still miss it.
Always pay very close attention to what she is saying and the questions she is asking. You could for instance announce that you are about to tell a joke and despite the fact that you have not told any dirty jokes all evening she quickly blurts out; “Is that a naughty joke now?” This should give you a very clear idea of what she is thinking. To be sure wait and see if the process is repeated. It usually is, several times, at least until she gives up that you will ever understand what is going on.

Shifty Eyes

Sometimes shifty nervous eyes in a girl will indicate that she is very interested in you. This depends on her personality and applies most to shy girls. In some cases the girl will be terrified of holding your gaze or you looking straight into their eyes. This could be an indication that she likes you but is not sure about your feelings and is therefore terrified of you seeing her true feelings in her eyes.


Some women will display several of these signs when they are interested in a man. Others will hardly show any of them. However armed with this general guide it should be much easier for you to spot any other different tell tale signs that are not listed here.

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