What To Look For In A Keyword Research Service

SEO keyword research is critical to the success of any online business and yet it is extremely time consuming and confusing at times. And even if you have the time there is little chance of a newbie getting it right. A good keyword Research service company is the answer.

Still you will need to know what to look out for because it is easy to end up with a service that will not be of much help to you. 

You will need to start out by asking a few pertinent questions. Ask the service provider to explain their process in simple terms that you can understand. This will not only enlighten you on how they work but will also give you useful pointers to understanding the whole process so that you can be able to fully benefit from their services. 

Another question to ask is about the research tools they use and how much they rely on them. Research tools will hardly be useful to folks who don’t have a deep understanding of keyword research and how to apply it. For starters such folks will be unable to process the information for you so that it is as useful as possible. What about clients they have worked for who are happy and have some great results to show?

But even after asking all these questions there are certain things you will need to look out for as the work is done to fully benefit from the keyword research services being offered. They include;

Does your company interview you to get details about your products and business goals?
How will your keyword research service be able to do any useful work without understanding your business? Will the keyword research really be effective if their understanding of your target audience is hazy at best? This is the reason why it is imperative that they interview you and ask you lots of questions because assumptions can sometimes end up being wrong.

Has your website keyword research service shown you sample keyword research reports?
Even if your knowledge is limited by just seeing the keyword research reports you will be able to gauge the kind of work that has been done. You will also be able to tell if they are on course to give you the kind of keywords that will generate traffic and profits for your business.

Have they covered videos, web2.0 sites, articles and websites?
The keyword research done should cover everything. Even if you have no immediate plans for video for instance, all this is useful information that you will certainly need in future as your online business thrives.

What about LSI and related keyword results?
LSI (Latent semantic indexing) used in search engines identifies relationships and patterns between words in a collection of text. No keyword research project will be complete without it because it is an important guide when you are creating content for your site and targeting keywords that have low competition which will naturally give you a lot more traffic.

Have they given you useful advice on how to use the keywords provided?A keyword research service that knows its’ stuff should be able to give you direction and advise on precisely how to use the keywords provided.

Have they provided SEO ranking scores and levels of difficulty?
A keyword research report is useless without ranking scores and levels of difficulty. You will not be able to use all the keywords you get right away. Actually the prudent thing to do is to always start with the less competitive keywords and then work your way up. This will NOT be possible without detailed ranking scores for each keyword.

Do you have both targeted long tail results and general categories?
Long tail keywords will always be less competitive and will be the ones you want to start off focusing on. A combination of a few long tail keywords can sometimes exceed top traffic keywords. You also need general category keywords as a guide.

Organized keyword research company
For you to be successful in any project you will always need to be super-organized. Your keyword research company therefore need to be very organized and this should also be reflected in the report that they submit to you which needs to be neatly arranged in themes and categories for easier understanding and organization.

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