Is It Really Possible To Acquire Prime Property In The UK Without A Hefty Deposit?

Chances are that you may have been interested in acquiring property but quickly got discouraged by the hefty deposit that would almost certainly be required if you were to get involved in a real estate transaction.

Surely it is not possible to acquire prime property anywhere in the UK without putting down a deposit is it? Actually it is not only extremely possible but people are actually doing it all the time, even as you read this. Rick Otton a real estate investment expert who has been at it for quite some time now (over 20 years) has been busy proving that there are a wide range of strategies for anybody to get their hands on UK property without putting down any money.

Now, the number of expats interested in UK property has risen sharply in recent times but Otton believes that the numbers could even be higher only that many feel greatly limited by the financial challenges involved in coming up with a huge sum of money before they can ever be considered serious buyers.

The massive surge in interest in UK real estate is hardly surprising to those in the know. Recent surveys have indicated that at least 71 percent Britons residing abroad and investing in UK property have full time tenants in their rental properties. That means that such an investment just now would come with great potential of generating serious cash flow for any investor. This is in sharp contrast to the situation facing many expats who have opted for foreign properties. Figures show that they are only seeing an average measly 47 percent rental. 

There is also the fact that most of these markets have the kind of typical resale values that are unlikely to give anybody a profit in any selling transaction. Now that qualifies to be termed a high risk investment and losing one’s shirt would hardly surprise anybody with just a little knowledge in real estate.

Mr Otton’s rather creative strategies for acquiring high value prime property have attracted many eager listeners over the last 20 years and have opened the door for many of them to use the knowledge to build impressive property portfolios. He emphasizes that it is far easier for anybody to get into real estate than most people seem to think. In actual fact all you need to do is actively seek opportunities that do not demand large sums of money as a deposit.

Do such too-good-to-be-true opportunities really exist? Actually they DO and are more plenty than most would want to imagine. For instance there are many owners of rental property in the UK who have accumulated debt and as a result are under considerable financial pressure and strain. Some of them will jump at the opportunity of transferring their debt burden to a new owner.

This kind of scenario may sound unlikely to some observers but as Mr Otton revealed in a recent podcast on iTunes there are numerous investors already using this strategy. And some of them are expats doing it from far-off lands where they are currently based. This is of course made possible using modern technology like Ecosign and Skype. This emerging trend in UK property is no fad and is likely to continue growing for some time to come as property in Britain continues to grow in popularity. 

The Investor Sentiment index by Lloyds of London shows that there has been a 50 percent rise in UK property investor sentiment since March 2013. Lloyds adds that with the sterling consistently weak in recent times against other major currencies expats with USD and Euro accounts will find that they can get more for their money more so as UK rents stubbornly point northwards.

Clearly this is a golden opportunity for expats to thrive in the UK property market. And using Mr Otton’s tools and investment secrets it should be fairly easy for anybody to generate a lucrative passive income as well as make a good profit if they decide to re-sell the property later. Indeed with prices steadily rising it is also easy to make hefty profit from a quick re-sell shortly after purchase.

This year is Otton’s 10th year anniversary since he first introduced his innovative property buying strategies in the UK which will work in any kind of economy.


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