10 Seduction Secrets Used By Men Who Understand Women

Virtually every man in this life will find themselves in a situation where they need to seduce a woman. Unfortunately most don’t have a clue as to how to do it. They end up blundering their way to failure. Here are 10 top seduction secrets used by men who have a deep understanding of women and their nature.

1. Smell Great

Nothing puts off a woman faster than a bad smell from a man. And nothing can turn on a woman quicker than a man who smells irresistibly great. And to think that all you have to do is take your time to find a great deodorant and matching cologne. And don’t forget to carry around a good mouthwash. With a foul smell any attempt at seduction will promptly end before it has even started.

2. Go For The Jugular Every Time By Creating Sexual Tension

It always comes down to sexual tension. The more sexual tension you can build between the two of you, the better. There are various techniques you can use to build this attention including NOT avoiding awkward silence between the two of you.

3. You Won’t Do It Without Confidence

Some men like to talk down on themselves and think that women find it cute. Actually it turns them off big time. Even if you make a mistake and spill all the drinks all over her dress, keep your cool and stay unruffled and confident. Confidence is a powerful magnet that women find hard to resist.

4. Play Games And Tease Her A Lot

Tease her and be merciless about it. Dare to do it even in front of her friends. Put her in her place. What will result is that your cocky behavior will trigger off chemicals that have been in the brain of women since the beginning of time and she will really feel attracted to you.

5. Don’t Talk Highly Of Yourself

The common mistake many men make while playing games and being cocky is to start talking too highly of themselves. You will immediately come across as an arrogant jerk no woman will be attracted to.

6. Talk About Sex

Don’t do this too soon. Talk and get to know the girl better. Make sure that she is comfortable with you even if you have just met. And then start talking about sex. Don’t over-do it. The idea here is just to plant the thought in her mind. Once planted it will not go away.

7. Dress well

Pretty obvious this one and yet many men will not take the time to really think about how they dress and the message that it sends across to all those who meet them. You need to be well groomed too.

8. Avoid Getting Drunk

Some men are so nervous around women that they need to get really drunk to even chat them up. Stinking of alcohol and acting like a creep will hardly help you score with women. Work on your inner game and develop your self belief.

9. Don’t Try Too Hard

It’s easy to spot a man who is trying too hard. Women can smell them a mile away. The kind of guys who plead with women to give them attention. No woman wants to come across as being too easy and besides the pleading is a real turn off to most women.

10. Really, really Listen

You can easily seduce a woman only by listening and paying attention to what she is saying. Done right you will find some women who will talk themselves into your bed. The truth is that women like attention and being listened to. And she will quickly tell if you are really listening and if the interest in what she has to say is really genuine.

Sadly most men love to talk about themselves and can hardly stop. They will interrupt to tell their story which to them is much more exciting and interesting than the boring stuff coming out of the good lady’s mouth. Big mistake.

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