Physical Therapy for Knee Sprain Recovery That You Can Do At Home

Summary; Physical therapy is ideal for knee sprain recovery. The right exercises will not only speed up the healing process but will also strengthen it against future injury again. This is imperative because knee injuries tend to recur.

The knee is the largest joint in the human body and that is one of the reasons why a knee sprain recovery will usually take many months to heal. The knee also tends to be vulnerable to injury. However physical therapy can speed up the recovery process considerably.

A very important point to note before you even start the physical therapy is that you should not do any exercises that cause pain. Remember that pain is a warning mechanism in the human body and you could actually be causing more damage to your knee. If you attempt the exercises and feel pain it is probably a better idea to start off with lighter exercises and work yourself up us your knee sprain recovery continues.

For instance swimming is ideal to start with and you can then move on to biking and light stretches. Do these for a week or until you sense that the pain will not recur and then if all is well, you can move on to the physical exercises for the recovery of your sprain and strengthening of your knee.

Heel slides will heal and strengthen
To do heel slides, lie on your back on the floor. Start with your feet stretched out straight in front of you and your toes pointing straight up towards the ceiling. This is a key knee sprain recovery exercise. Next slide the heel of your injured knee towards your buttocks while keeping your kneecap pointed upwards all the time. Push it to the furthest point possible and then stop for 5 seconds. Repeat this 10 times and then increase to 20 times as your knee continues to heal and strengthen.

Lying kicks will also help
Place a rolled towel or ball under your injured knee. Next carefully straighten it above the ball to the limit and hold for 5 seconds. The back of the knee should keep contact with the ball the whole time in this knee sprain recovery routine. Again repeat this 10 times and later increase to 20 times.

Leg slides to help the knee heal
Still lying down on the floor ensure that your legs are together flat on the ground. And with toes still pointed upwards slide the injured leg sideways to the limit and then hold for 5 seconds and then return to the starting position and do the same with the other leg. Repeat 10 times and later increase to 20.

Use two chairs to stretch your knee
You will need two chairs facing each other for this knee sprain recovery exercise. Sit on one of them. Next place your injured leg on the other chair with your knee slightly bent and then stretch it to the limit. Hold for 5 seconds and then bend your knee again. Repeat 10 times and later extend to 20 times daily.

It is important to perform these exercises daily because this is the only way that you will consistently strengthen your knee even as it heals. These are very easy exercises to perform at home or wherever you are if you are travelling and do not require any equipment. Later after your knee sprain recovery is complete and the knee has fully healed you can make the exercises more rigorous to strengthen the muscles around your knee and prevent a recurrence, which tend to e fairly common in knee injuries.

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