How A Blogger Can Overcome Writer’s Block

You have carefully planned everything in great detail. You even start to feel that tingle of excitement knowing where this blogging blue print will lead you to once the three months of posts are done. Then suddenly out of the blue it hits you. Your posts and updates come to a screeching halt. You can’t seem to be able to generate a decent post. Your great ideas have just vanished into thin air. Writing anything is a painful process of deleting and writing and staring at your computer screen all day.

Fortunately it can be treated. You just need to be careful not to panic. After all it is just a speed bump and not the solid-wall-blocking-the-road-ahead that it may feel like.

Read somebody else’s writing
The thing about writing is that you need to keep reading to keep writing. It is as simple as that. Sometimes a writer gets so engrossed and so busy that they stop reading anything but their own writing as they write and revise. In this kind of situation some form of writer’s block is inevitable. It may take a little longer for it to catch up with some writers but it is just a matter of time. The treatment in this case is simple. Stop writing and look for something to read that is totally unrelated to what you are currently writing. Experienced professional writers do this all the time and it works so that when they get back to their writing desks they are rejuvenated and the ideas and words are flowing again.

Get away from it all
A vast majority of highly successful people will always set aside a minimum of 24 hours every week to get away from their work and relax. Getting away means that not even your thoughts are allowed to wander back to your work. This is even more important to a writer. Writing is the kind of work that is so involving that if you do not have any scheduled breaks where you get away from it all, you are just asking for trouble. An effective cure for serious cases of writer’s block that have already set in is to take a few days off and create some distance between you and your writing. Relax and forget your writing for a day or two.

Watch a good movie
Admittedly not every writer has the luxury of being able to get away for a few days. Chances are that you have some deadline hanging over your head when you suddenly get hit by writer’s block. What do you do? Try finding an activity that will help you escape. I used to keep old episodes of the hit TV series 24 and whenever the creative juices would stop flowing I would stop and sit down to take in a few episodes of this thriller series. It was very effective in helping me escape very quickly. I would get engrossed and the adrenalin would start flowing and would still be flowing, albeit this time with ideas and words when I got back to my writing.

Do a list article
There are many different types of writers and there are also different types of writer’s block. There are writers who work best by letting the ideas flow out of them with minimal use of an outline. If you are this kind of writer and you hit a bad patch where flow stops and you run completely dry and can’t seem to put together the right words for even a single sentence then here is a remedy that could work. Temporarily change your ways and prepare detailed outlines for all the writing you do. This will keep you writing until the usual flow is restored.

Readers of your blog can be a great help
If your problem has a lot to do with ideas drying up then you can look to your readers for help. Go back to your reader’s comments. If your blog is new and you hardly have comments yet then a competitor’s blog will do. Read the comments and try to take notes as you get ideas. Read as many reader comments as you can because not every comment will give you ideas, although some will give you dozens of ideas. Don’t stop until you have more ideas than you can use in a week and then go back to your writing.

Take a nap
You have probably heard a lot about the power of sub conscience mind. Above everything else it solves problems and gives ingenious solutions. That is why we have the age old expression every time an important decision has to be made; “sleep on it.” You can be sure that it has survived the ages because it works. The thing about your sub conscience mind is that it operates best without the distractions of your active conscience which is usually filled with thoughts and intense pressure when you can’t write anymore. For many writers a short nap, sometimes called a power nap has always instantly cured their writer’s block. If you haven’t tried it yet, it could be the ideal solution staring at you in the face.

Try long hand writing away from your keyboard
I know a blogger who writes down all his posts with a pencil in long hand before he switches on his computer. As he does this his cell phone is switched off or on silent mode. This can actually get the creative juices flowing again. Hardly surprising when you realize the kind of distractions that a modern blogger tends to have as they sit down to do a post online. Writing the old fashioned way is how you learnt how to write in the first place and you are therefore wired to concentrate and have the creative juices and words flowing when you do your writing in this way.

Write something else
There is no need being stuck with just one post the whole day and stubbornly refusing to move on to something else until you are done. That’s not the way to deal with writer’s block. I have made this mistake many times in the past and looking back I realized that this always happened when I was writing something that did not quite excite me. We all have personal likes and dislikes and there are times as a blogger you need to write about something that you really don’t care about to bring out a point that is close to your heart. In these instances a little momentum gained from writing something on your pet topics can help a great deal to get through writer’s block for a particularly difficult article.

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