How To Plan A Wedding Your Guests Will Love

Few would want their wedding to fit into the category of if-you-have-gone-to-one-wedding-you-have-seen them all. Rather what you want is something special and unique which your guests will love and talk about for years to come. To achieve this you must be careful to avoid all the common mistakes made in most weddings while getting as creative as you possibly can.

Your wedding needs to have personality

What’s the point of having a wedding that does not reflect your life nor personality? Why go for some one-size-fits-all wedding pulled out of somewhere? Lack of personality in a wedding will bore your guests, especially if they have been attending a few similar weddings recently. One of the ways this happens is when you let your friends take over everything especially the decision making process. While you will not be able to do it without their support, leaving all the decisions to them is like a corporation being run by committees of junior workers. The results will not be good. You are the CEO and you are the star of the show and this has to be reflected in your wedding to really delight your guests.

Choosing an appropriate theme is only a start and you will then have to customize it to your specifications.

Don’t start feeling overwhelmed in having a hand in every aspect of your wedding including the music, food, wedding decorations and so on. Just have a list with you and calmly work through it. And it certainly doesn't mean you doing everything just make the decisions and then delegate as much as possible.

This does not mean that you will not be welcoming ideas. Rather it means that even as you listen and implement the ones you like you will stay on course and headed in the direction already chosen.

First things first, the guest list

The way to get stressed out and end up leaving everything to your friends at some point is charging ahead with your plans without doing the absolute first thing you must do which is your guest list. Too often the pressure starts flooding in when you book a venue for 80 only to have your mother’s list come in later and change the whole thing to a 200 guest affair. Doing things before your guest list is finalized will always spell trouble. It also means a lot more work in adjustments and changes that would have been avoided in the first place. Also remember that whose coming will dictate many decisions and numerous small details that go into the planning.

Set aside time to talk to your spouse about the details

Set aside a night to go out to dinner somewhere to talk about the wedding. Cover all the different parts of the wedding and come out with a pretty good idea of his interests and preferences in the numerous seemingly small harmless details that could end up ruining everything.

To retain your sanity do also make a firm rule to set aside at least one day every week as a wedding-free day where you do not talk about anything that has to do with your wedding. It is a necessary breather that can do wonders to your ability to generate ideas and solve hitches and problems in the planning of your upcoming wedding.

location, location, location

The location you choose will impact directly on the atmosphere of the entire event. So there is nothing wrong with the search taking much longer than you had anticipated. Talk about it with your spouse so that one of you does not end up irritated and edgy over the fact that you have turned down too many excellent locations. You need to find something that is just right for what you have in mind. It also needs to be easily accessible to your guests with the right amenities for the elderly and kids as well.

Be ruthless with time allocation

Yes, it is your special day but the best planned event will not be much fun for your guests if it drags endlessly on and on. Remember that we live in times when attention spans are even lower so ensure that your well laid plans are not ruined by some speeches that went on for too long.

Is your budget realistic?

It is okay to have great ideas but they have to be within your agreed on budget. Sticking to it will help you keep out pressure and stress from your wedding planning. Avoid the big temptation to go overboard because there is no point starting your new life already heavily in debt.

Have a solid back-up plan if it is an outdoors wedding

No matter how closely you follow the weather reports until the big day, Mother Nature is always capable of springing up last minute surprises. And so if you have an outdoors wedding in mind just make sure that you have an extremely solid back up plan and alternative if the skies unexpectedly release a downpour.

Never ever run out of food

Cut down on your budget everywhere else but be extremely wary of skimping on food and entertainment because those are the two things people will always remember about any wedding. And that does not mean it has to cost an absolute fortune, just get creative because there are many dishes that will be memorable but needn’t cost too much. You can even cut down the guest list if necessary and have a cash bar but ensure that the food will delight your guests. 

Don’t drink too much

The temptation can be huge to overdo things but just remember that there are few things that will put off your guests more than the newly weds being drunk. Besides you want to clearly remember every moment of this very special day.

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