The Marketing Power Of Mobile Infographic And Video

Mobile infographic is terribly important to any online business because text will never compete with visual representation. How can it when it is said that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text?

Clearly anybody who continues to ignore infographics or allow it to remain in the back burner is losing out big time. And it has gotten even worse for the unconverted in recent times because mobile traffic dominates the web and continues to grow steeply. Visual representation is even more critical on mobile devices. People on the go can hardly be expected to always digest text but they will gladly take in infographics and video.

It is therefore a no-brainer to conclude that entrepreneurs who focus their marketing around infographics and video will reap big time rewards and an enviable return on their investment. The present and future belongs to them.

Transforming your content into infographics

Infographics is simply graphic visual representation of information. The idea is to simplify complex information into a graphic that can be taken in and quickly digested by your audience. Ultimately they should be able to take it all in and grasp the idea in seconds. This is why excellent examples of effective infographics that work the way they are supossed to are road signs. A driver focused on controlling their car at high speed passes such a sign in seconds but instantly takes in, grasps and understands the message.

This is an apt example because the messages and status updates on social media are mostly glimpsed at high speed on the go using mobile devices. Mostly you will have just a few seconds, usually much less, to make an impression and attract interest. Which makes text increasingly ineffective.

Mobile infographic is different

It is not enough to use existing infographic. You need to ask yourself the critical question of how your infographic looks like on mobile devices. Indeed you need to design your infographic with mobile devices in mind. How does it load? If there is any text on it, is it readable or tiny text that is just a blur on mobile?

But even more important is where your infographics directs traffic. Traditionally it has been mostly to websites and blogs and lots of text. As we have already seen this is highly impractical on all the different mobile gadgets that folks access the web and social media with these days.

And this is why powerful and effective online marketing will always be the one that combines infographics and video for maximum effect.

Using memorable images and graphics in infographic messages on popular social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter is something you need to start doing right away if you are not already doing it. Do not expect everything you create to go viral right away instead take the time to measure your results and while making the necessary adjustments so that you learn how best to use the tool for your marketing.

Enter Instagram and Vine

It is now not too difficult to understand why Instagram and Vine have been such a sensation at the same time that mobile is taking over the web. Video sharing is an important feature in both. 

Like infographics video is visual and its’ power has never been in dispute. For instance artists and musicians have always known what video does to their music sales (the birth of MTV was no accident). They have always known that their videos create an impact and emotional link with their audience which ultimately drives the sales of their music, usually through the roof in ways that would have been impossible without the video.

It is imperative to understand Vine and Instagram before we can explore the infographics techniques to be used to promote videos on these platforms.

Vine Videos are very brief (not more than 6 seconds) The idea here for online marketers is to engage their target audience. Instagram on the other hand allows longer videos (up to 15 seconds). It has proved to be very powerful in attracting user-generated content. Instagram belongs to Facebook and the social media giant thrives on “Likes” and comments so even valuable conversations can take place with prospects and customers. Contests have also been a huge success using this application. 

Secrets to successful use of infographics on mobile

a) The power of comparison

6 seconds may appear be too short but taking the time to review some of the popular videos posted on Vine will change your mind. Besides there is nothing stopping you from spreading your marketing message over several videos. Here is an extremely potent technique you can use with your infographs to direct your audience to two of your videos.

Historically comparisons in marketing have always been successful in attracting new customers to all kinds of products. For instance weight loss products have frequently portrayed a person before and after using their products. Infographics linking to two Vine or Instagram videos showing the situation before and after the use of a product can be a great way to get your marketing message across.

Any selling message showing comparisons is bound to work especially if it is something simple and easily absorbed on mobile devices.

b) Humor

Humor is tricky and numerous online marketing gurus have always been wary of using it. But this does not change the fact that it is indeed powerful. Sample the following. When you catch your prospects on their mobile devices busy going about their daily business, there is no guarantee what kind of mood you will find them in. Mood is terribly important and can make all the difference in how your message is received and the possible response. Good humor can instantly change your prospects’ mood in your favor and position you perfectly to receive a positive reception and response.

c) Emotional link

The emotional link with prospects and customers is something that artists and musicians have cashed in on to sell their music for a very long time now. It works, sometimes beyond expectations. Using infographics that already previews this powerful feature before your prospects get to the actual video can be a good way of commanding attention and response from prospects.


The combination of infographics and video on mobile is undoubtedly a winning one and just the kind of thing that should be fully taken advantage of by every online marketer.


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