5 Easy Ways To Raise Your Kshs 950 Deposit Without Borrowing It

Chances are that you are eager to join the make-2k-a-day-program but since you are a job seeker you may have great difficulties in getting the Kshs 950 deposit. Do not despair, here are some brilliant ideas that will enable you to raise the cash in a flash;

1. Form a merry-go-round and be the first to get paid
Call a meeting of 10 like-minded friends and refer them to the program. Get everybody to raise ONLY Kshs 100/- every week and ensure that since you are the brain child of the whole self-help project, you get the first Kshs 1,000 raised. All your friends can also join in the following weeks.

2. Sell stuff that you no longer use on OLX
Everybody has stuff lying around that they have forgotten about that can easily be sold on OLX. Tale good pictures with your phone and put a very attractive price to sell quickly.

3. Sell your mobile phone and buy a cheaper one
Most young people walk around with very expensive mobile phones. Find a buyer (don't worry you will buy an even better phone later when you make money). The proceeds should be enough for you to buy a very cheap but functional cell phone and still leave you with enough cash to pay your deposit to get started in the amazing earn 2k-per-day-program.

4. Get advance orders for 95 movies
Do you know 10 or 20 friends who love movies and will be willing to support you? Whatever movies they want (apart from Naija movies) we will be able to get for you. Maybe they would even love to enjoy some oldies they used to watch when they were kids. Once you have gotten the orders contact me on 0727-217920 and I will make special arrangements to have the movies delivered and voila you will have your deposit from the commission you would have otherwise earned.

5. Collect bottles OR old newspapers from friends and well-wishers
Soda bottles and even beer bottles have a pretty high demand in most towns. Start by visiting places that will buy these bottles and then collect them from friends and well wishers and you will have raised your deposit in no time. Old newspapers do not have a good price but if you have a source for many kilos you might just be able to raise the cash you need. Some towns also have collection points that buy scrap metal for cash which can easily be collected  as folks usually abandon these scrap metals all over the place.

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