How to use leaflets to maximize your movie sales (For Black Phoenix Entertainment Agents)

Why is the leaflet marketing system so powerful and effective?
There are some common mistakes that most people make when distributing the movie newsletter that we use to attract movie orders. (I shall cover them later in this article). However when done correctly this system can help you get a huge number of orders (as it is already doing for many all the time.

But let me answer the question at hand. There are many reasons why the leaflet marketing system is so powerful and effective. Understanding these reasons will help you do it right and avoid mistakes. Some of the reasons are;

a) It saves time. Using the movie newsletter you will get your message to many more people within a short space of time compared to walking around talking to one person at a time.

b) It whets the appetite of your would-be customers for movies. And that puts them in exactly the right mood to order right away.

c) You can predict the number of movies you will sell. How many customers do you get from every 10 flyers you distribute? The most commmon average is between 2.5 and 3 customers. That means that if you distribute 100 you should be able to get between 25 and 30 customers!! And they will tend to order an average of 2 to 4 movies each which is 50 to 120 movies in total!!

d) It helps you sell movies that are NOT even on the newsletter. 
It gets people thinking about movies so that they are able to order other movies not covered in the newsletter (as long as you remind them that we can deliver any kind of movie they want no matter what year it was produced). 

Common mistakes that most people make when distributing the movie newsletter

1) Distributing too many leaflets before you go back to the first person you handed the leaflet to. 
Remember folks tend to have very short attention spans. Somebody will look through the newsletter and quickly forget their interest if you take too long before coming back to see them. That is why it is recommended that you dish out ONLY 10 at a time and not distribute any more before you have gone back to see each of the 10 people you handed them over to. When you are done distribute the next 10 and repeat the process.

2) Not distributing enough newsletters in the course of 1 day
This is a numbers game. The more newsletters you distribute (in lots of 10) the more movies you will sell and the more money you will make. Aim for 100 as your daily minimum target and watch your sales soar.

3) Not asking the right question when you re-visit somebody you handed over the flyer to.
Which movies in the leaflet interested you? is a much better question to ask than; How many movies will you order from the leaflet? Other effective questions to ask when you re-visit include;

a) Are there any movies you loved to watch during your childhood that you would love to watch again? Because we can supply it.

b) Had a small question to ask you if you don't mind. What really caught your eye in the newsletter I just gave you?

3) Wasting too much time with a prospect who is not ready to buy right away.
They have the leaflet with telephone numbers. Move to the next prospect quickly because there is sure to be somebody waiting to order right away.

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