What Is the 2K@Day Business All About?

The job/business opportunity involves sharing and distributing popular movies with a growing client base.

How do I do this?
You will use a tried and proven system for distributing the movies. We will send you a newsletter/leaflet which you will then distribute. The newsletter talks about various movies and is designed to do all the hard work of selling for you. You just come back after a few minutes and collect the orders from the people you distributed the newsletter to which you then forward to us to supply to you. You deliver and pay yourself first before sending us the rest of the cash.

How much do I make?
A movie sells for only Kshs 50/- (meaning you can sell a lot). You make 20% or Kshs 10/- from each movie sold. You retain Kshs 10/- and pay us Kshs 40/-

Isn't that very little money for me to make?
Not really. Think about it for a moment. 20% is a very generous commission. And don't forget the distribution system described above is designed to deliver volumes. On average you will get 2 customers from every 10 newsletters you distribute (some people manage 3 or even 4). It is easy to deliver 100 per day (Many people do 200). From the 100 you will get at least 20 people who want to order right away. Most will NOT order one movie, in fact the average is 3 which is 60 movies in total meaning you will earn Kshs 600/- (if you distribute 200 you can make Kshs 1,200 from your first effort. Within one week (6 working days) you will have a total 120 customers (20 x 6 working days). Remember that these are customers who will order again and again that is why it is so important to carefully list everybody who orders movies from you so that you can return to them again week after week.

So you can clearly see that the Kshs 10/- per movie adds up rapidly to a very good income for you.

Is this the only way I will make money in this business?
NO. There are several other ways you will continue to earn cash from this program.

a) Every 110 movies you deliver and get paid for will earn you a bonus of Kshs 220/- from us. This cash is paid at the end of the month.

b) After you sell a total of 100 movies you qualify to be a junior trainer. We will then send you to train people in your area and nearby towns who are joining our program all the time. We will pay you Kshs 350 in cash plus all expenses paid every time you go out to train people. The cash will be sent via Mpesa. After you deliver a total of 200 movies you qualify to be a senior trainer and you will be earning Kshs 700 in cash plus all expenses paid every time you go out to train people.

c) As a trainer you will also earn Kshs 1/- from each movie sold by somebody you trained.

Wow!! This means after 2 weeks I should be earning over Kshs 2,000 per day?
Yes. The earning potential for this business is unlimited. It is not difficult to rake in Kshs 10,000 a day within a very short time of doing the business. We have used the low figure of Kshs 2,000 per day because we feared that if we put a higher figure it would look unrealistic and people would doubt. And so shs 2,000 is NOT the limit of what you can earn daily. This is an amazing business.

Everything sounds so easy are there no difficulties in this business?
Good question. As you know every business or job has its' challenges including this one. For instance there are people who do not like walking. Naturally you will get tired. But famous movie star Leonardo Di Caprio once said;

"I would rather be tired than broke"

The truth is that after you build your client list of people you supply movies to on a regular basis the walking you do will reduce dramatically.

Then there is peer preassure. Many people will discourage you and usually these kind of people cannot even loan you Kshs 20/- or buy you a meal.

So the answer is Yes, there are a lot of difficulties but they all pale in comparison to the money you will be making.

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