My Story: Journey From Desperation To 2K Plus Daily

 Desperation is something I understand rather well after all just a few short weeks ago I was in the depths of it and almost giving up. But let me start my story from the beginning.

I came to Nairobi after spending 5 wasted years in my rural home doing virtually nothing. Finishing my form four my parents were too poor to do anything more for me. Still I was determined to make something of my life. So I did everything in my power to get to Nairobi. I finally did coming to live with my distant cousin somewhere in Kibera.

Nairobi was a shock. It is easier to find a small needle in a large pile of grass set aside for dairy cows than it is to find a job. And if you are lucky to find one, it will most likely be the kind of job that leaves you totally exhausted but with very little to show for all your hard work. The 400 bob my cousin was earning from a mjengo (construction site) kept him more in debt than anywhere near modest prosperity. I finally understood why he only visited our rural home once a year around Christmas time. The guy would have to save for most of the months of the year to make that trip.

Anyway I was introduced to selling movies by a stranger I met near Uhuru park as I made my daily trek from the city back to Kibera after another day of futile job hunting. I was desperate and so I was willing to try anything as long as it was not criminal.

However the truth is that I ended up being very dissapointed on my first day of work. After a whole day of distributing the newsletters I had zero orders. 

I flashed the stranger on my cousin's Mulika muizi phone and he promptly called back. I did not hide my anger asking him why he had lied to me that this was a job where I would make money. He was impatient with me, which even made me more suspicious but he agreed to meet me the following day to show me what I was doing wriong. I was very skeptical and pessimistic and was sure that little would come out of it. But I still met him.

To cut a long story short I learnt how to relax and make an effort to hide my desperation when meeting my prospective clients. I also realized my big blunder of the previous day. I was in too much of a hurry and had distributed almost a hundred newsletters at a time. I discovered the power of doing only 10 at a time and coming back to the few people I had distributed to when their interest was still highest. I also learnt not to waste time with those who were obviously not interested in ordering right away.

By the end of the day I had orders for 30 movies. The next day I collected them and quickly delivered them to continue seeking even more customers. I promptly paid my supplier and found that I had made Kshs 300/-. Clean money. I had not robbed or cheated anybody. For the first time in a very long time I felt useful in this life and very very happy. I was determined to make even more.

I went on to see why keeping track of how many customers I got from the flyers I had distributed was so important. Using the percentage of my success rate it was possible to predict my results and sales for the next day.

When my first week on the job ended I was doing an average of 100 movies a day. By the 3rd week I was doing 220 on average which not only earned me Kshs 2,200 a day but also an extra bonus of Kshs 220 for every 110 movies I sold. This totaled to an extra Kshs 440 a day over and above my 2k plus.

I was over the moon.

Although I am still kind of new to the business I see a very bright future ahead.

My advise. It is not easy. Nothing in this life is. But it can be done more easily than you think if you carefully follow the instructions and pay attention even to the small details. Usilete ujuaji kwa kazi and you will succeed.

Good luck.

Take the steps you need to take to start earning your 2K daily

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