BIG SECRET from Too good to be true BUT TRUE Real Life Kenyan Fairy-Tale Story

Have auctioneers ever come to your home or office? It is NOT something that I would wish on my worst enemy. 

Anyway I stumbled on this big secret in those desperate dark days as I fought to meet the deadline set by auctioneers sent to my house by my landlord. I had not paid rent for 4 months.

In the end I never met the deadline and had to go through the heartbreak of coming home to find my wife with blood shot eyes and my 9-year-old son crying on the floor. The sitting room was empty as if we had moved out and the prized fridge sent to my wife as a gift all the way from Italy was gone. It was difficult to console them because I had another auctioneers noose still pending and that was on my offices along Ronald Ngala Street where I had a pending bill for 2 months of rent. But that sad story is for another forum and another day.

Looking back now I have to admit that good things sometimes come out of terrible things that happen to us. That's because this big secret so revolutionized my life that two short months after that terribly dark day I had a very different problem; that of worrying that my Kshs 60,000 daily cash collection would attract armed robbers to my Ronald Ngala Street office.

I have written all about this big secret in a book and I have made it very simple. Using simple language and check lists and steps that are so easy to follow that a standard two child will have no problems at all grasping what is being said.

Here are a few questions that I know must be going through your mind and I will answer them.

Q 1. Why are you giving away your BIG secret if it really works?

Answer: Actually I am NOT really giving it away because the book is for sale. It is NOT FREE. And I am already selling copies of the book very rapidly indeed. You see I have set the price very low so that as many Kenyans as possible can access it. Indeed I am still using this gem of a secret very successfully in my latest brand new business. However other people using it will NOT affect my business in any way.

Besides I am now over 50 years old and so I am looking to leave a legacy of sorts, to give back and benefit my fellow Kenyan in this very selfish Kenyan society we live in today.

Lastly I will tell you something that you may not agree with but I personally believe in 1000% because I have seen it work for me many times in my life. The more you give the more you receive. It is a principal that is in the HOLY BIBLE. So from what I give here I KNOW I will receive many times over shaken down but still overflowing my cup.

Q2. What if it doesn't work for me?
How does something that deals with human nature and the behaviour of humans fail to work? Maybe if you apply it to people who are not humans. Animals perhaps... Or people from another planet (if they exist). The only other reason it will not work is if you fail to apply it properly and in the book I address common mistakes people usually make.

Q3. I don't own a business in fact I am jobless, will it help me?
YES. Let us assume that you are jobless with no qualifications and limited skills. The BIG secret will still work for you. And if you have nothing to apply it to, in the book I recommend a product for you and direct you where to find it on credit and pay later after you have sold. You can start right away, no delays.

Q4. My business is already doing well, how will this help me?
I have had the opportunity of applying the BIG secret to all kinds of businesses ranging from big companies to small start ups and from solar panels to computer training colleges. It always works. And that is because it deals with one factor that never changes, no matter what kind of business you are in. And that is the fact that you are dealing with humans and their complex emotions and behaviour.

Q5. Can I sell very expensive and very cheap products using the Big Secret?
Yes. Read my answer above

Q6. I am employed working for somebody else full time, how will this BIG secret help me?
I have a section in the book that talks about how you can find the spare time (no matter how busy you are) to successfully make money using the BIG secret.

Q7. How can I get this book?
The book sells for only Kshs 499/- or $5. Get more details NOW.

Q8. Is there a printed version of it? If so how can I get it?
YES. And it goes for Kshs 1,990/- or $19. Delivery anywhere in Kenya is FREE. Just give me your location and I will organize the rest.

* Written in simple language and broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

* How to apply the BIG secret to your life and get instant results within hours

* Common mistakes people make that will block your success when using the Big secret

* Examples and case studies of how people have used the big secret to revolutionize their lives

* Why the Big secret is guaranteed to work no matter how desperate your situation is at the moment.

Don't postpone your success or waste another minute. Get full details on how this book can be in your hands today.


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