Make 2K Daily... Using A Proven System

The truth is that even if you started a business today it would take you time to start making money, sometimes many years of struggling.

BUT there is a business you can start right away here in Kenya where you will start making money right away.

Why is it that I am able to start making money instantly?
This is because you will be using a tried and proven system that very effectively markets and sells the product. All you have to do is take a few steps, get customers and we will send you the product to deliver and get paid. Very easy.

Do I need to have sales experience? Do I need to sell anything?
Absolutely NOT. You do NOT need any experience and you do NOT need to sell. All you need to do is follow simple instructions and distribute a leaflet (to 10 people at a time). The leaflet does all the selling and all the hard work for you. All you need to do is go back to collect the orders from your customers. You inform us, we send you the product and you deliver and get paid.

What if the customers don't have money and cannot afford to buy the product?
The products are very cheap and Kenyans consume them daily. You do not need to worry about your customers not having a lot of money to spend.

Do I need capital to start this business?
Every business needs capital to start BUT the good news here is that you need very little money to take off. You can choose to pay for the products as you get the orders from your customers. Or you can put up a deposit of ONLY Kshs 950/- ( which is a refundable deposit that will be refunded back to you anytime you need to stop doing the business) and the products will be sent to you on credit. You pay for them after your customers have paid and you have paid yourself. Choose what you want to do.

I prefer to place a deposit BUT I don't have Kshs 950/- what do I do?
We can arrange an instant loan for you with a small microfinance organization. You give us a copy of your I.D. (photographed and posted on wassup - 0727 217920) and then you give us your email address and two guarantors who can vouch for you and the loan will be released and you will be ready to start. You pay back slowly as you earn cash daily.

I do not live in a big city, I actually live in a rather small town along Mombasa road. Can I still do the business?
YES. Some small towns have really surprised us, outperforming so-called cities in certain instances. As long as you are within the borders of Kenya you can do this amazing business that has the potential of putting Kshs 2,000 or even more in your pocket DAILY!!

I am excited. How do I get started?
Easy. Send an email now to with your name, age and where you want to do the business  


SMS now (DO NOT call) with your name, age and where you want to do the business to our business prosperity trainer 0727-217920 (SMS only please).
N.B. Give me at least 8 hours to get back to you, I really get swamped sometimes.

What Is the 2K@Day Business All About? 


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